Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1

  • IO1 Report “SMEs’ requirements and constraints with respect to introduction and training of innovation mechatronics technologies in their production process”, May 31, 2017. >>Download

Intellectual Outputs 2, 3, and 5

  • The contents of intellectual outputs IO3 “MechMate Methodology”, IO2 “MechMate Curricula”, and IO5 “MechMate Guidelines for SMEs and VET providers” are delivered in one book:
  • Booklet “MechMate Methodology, Curricula and Guidelines”. >>Download: English | Polish | Greek | Bulgarian | Estonian

Intellectual Output 4

  • MechMate Training Course. To attend the online courses of MechMate, implemented on MechMate e-learning platform (Coursevo) in 5 languages (English, Polish, Greek, Bulgarian and Estonian) based on MechMate methodology, please visit: